Chatting Online and Online Relationships

Being Realistic with Chatting Online and Online Relationships

One of the most important things to keep in mind when participating in an online relationship or conversation is that through the Internet, things may come across differently. Keeping realistic expectations for these types of friendships can help people’s experiences turn into positive ones. Chatting online with someone casually can turn into a great friendship or even a lasting relationship, as long as everyone involved understands exactly what is going on.

Realistically, the people that chat online will not be 100% truthful about themselves. Even a small lie or omission can be a big deal, regardless of why it is told. For example, leaving out details of past relationships, or being untruthful about having contact with others may seem harmless, but it can hurt the feelings of the person being lied to or led on. The same can be said when people exaggerate to make themselves appear more exciting or attractive. As a relationship progresses from simple chatting online to more, these small lies can become large obstacles that must be overcome. Going into a new online friendship with the mindset that there will be a few revelations at a later date may help people from becoming disappointed with the things they end up finding out.

Another thing to remember is that there should be no time frame for finding and cultivating a relationship built from chatting online with someone. Everyone moves at their own pace, and trying to rush into a friendship can be disastrous. Although people may meet someone right off the bat, this person will not always be the one that they develop a long lasting friendship or relationship with. There are many things that could happen, from realizing that both parties have very little in common, to not liking the person as more is learned about them. Being patient and letting things evolve at their own pace is imperative to developing a solid relationship with someone, even if it is through the computer.

Knowing that people have to learn to trust each other is another thing to take into account when beginning an online relationship. No one will immediately reveal private details about themselves – especially to a stranger. People should be prepared to have to work at the relationship a bit before learning intimate details about their new friends. With this being said, people may want to be a little bit wary about others that are willing to divulge a ton of information right off the bat. This could be a sign of someone willing to over share, or simply of someone being far too eager to let people into their lives. Though not always cause for worry, people that do this should be approached carefully so as not to get swept into the other person’s life too soon.

Going into chatting online expecting to connect with someone – or multiple people – may lead to disappointment. Even with the broad variety of available chat rooms, there may not always be someone waiting to chat. Persistence is key, as is being willing to devote some time and effort to making new friends. Having options is important, too. People should consider trying multiple rooms spanning different topics when trying to make new friends. Although this may get somewhat complicated if there are too many different rooms visited, it is a good way to reach a larger number of people. This presents the largest chance of finding someone to talk to, and may even allow people to learn more about themselves. Being able to start conversation with the general chat population will show people that it is not difficult to converse with others, and may even be a way to build up confidence.

Confidence itself is key. As this type of relationship is not face to face, finding online friends through chat rooms largely depends on the type of person looking. An open person that is willing to get into debates and talk about mutual interests is more likely to meet someone than a person that only has one goal. Being realistic about the whole experience from start to finish is a good way to keep forming online relationships from being dismissed as a way to meet new people in the future.