Java Chat rooms vs Flash Chat rooms

Java Chat Rooms vs Flash Chat Rooms

Firefox or Chrome? Gmail or Yahoo Mail? Google or MSN? Java Chat rooms or Flash Chat rooms? All these are example of questions that will never have a clear answer; there will always be fan boys of either side coming with arguments over arguments to support their point of view. And the funny thing is that, except for a few minor differences, the choice simply doesn’t matter at all for the end user, since both services do the same thing, at least at the core level.

So, if you’re just an user of an online chat service, you should not care too much about the fact that you’re using a java chat rooms server or a flash chat rooms server. Both of them are able to run on almost any browser and operating system, so you should be able to use any of them, no matter what’s your configuration. And, honestly, the only time this will actually matter to you would be on the first install, when you’ll have to install the required plugin to be able to use the chat (Java or Flash Player respectively) – that if you don’t have it installed already, of course.

If you’re a web developer, trying to implement an online chat service on your website, choosing between a java server and a flash server may be a thing worth meditating, but the good news is that, in the end, no matter what decision you’ll take, there won’t be any major drawbacks since, as I already explained, your users will still be able to use any of them, no matter what their configuration is.

Still, you’ll probably want to make their life as easier as possible, so you should probably pick the solution that will require as less of them as possible to install any plugin. And since the vast majority of the Windows users have the Flash Player plugin installed already (either because they needed it for another site or because they use Google Chrome, the most popular browser at the moment, which comes with a pre-installed version of Flash Player), it looks like Flash Chat rooms are your best pick. The only case when I recommend a developer opting for Java Chat rooms is when an important part of his users are using Macs, since it’s a known fact that Flash and Macs are not best friends.

And although this should be the factor weighting most in the compassion between flash chat rooms and java chat rooms, there are still a few other things that you should consider. For example if you intend to use a self-developed chat room plugin or you want to pick among one of the premade scripts. In the first case you should go with the programming language you’re most familiar with and which better integrates with your
current site / database. In the second case, it doesn’t really matter, since there are a lot of scripts which you can buy and either use on your own server or run from the remote server of its developer. And again, the flash chat rooms scripts are more popular by quite a large margin, so this probably means that you can get a better deal by opting for them.

So… do we have a clear winner? Nope, definitely not. It’s just a matter of personal preferences. Still, we hope that after reading this article, with all these information at your finger tips, you can make a more informed decision.